U3A Cape Town

This was the first U3A to be formed in South Africa. After more than ten years of phenomenal growth, it could be said to have matured from "infancy into youth", but the vibrancy is still there.

The main objective of U3A Cape Town is to improve the quality of life of people of mature age and to encourage the maintenance of intellectual capacity by facilitating the sharing of skills through stimulating programmes of learning and teaching and the social contacts derived therefrom.

A further objective is to encourage and facilitate the participation of people of mature age in courses, lectures, seminars, conferences, excursions and cultural as well as recreational and physical activities.

Monthly meetings are addressed by eminent speakers and visitors are welcome. They are held at 10h00 for 10h30 on the last Thursday of months February to November at the Baxter Theatre.

Watch a video clip describing the U3A that was broadcast on Capetown TV early in 2017 here.